We Donate to the food bank Every Year!
  1. The food bank sent us totals from last year. We donated 24,367 lbs of sweet corn to the food bank in 2012. That's well over 2,000 dozen ears! Hopefully it brightened someone's day!

KPVI News Channel 6 highlighted our Farm to School program where our fresh produce goes into local school lunches. You get to see a little of Wendy picking corn in this video.

Ag Days at Swore Farms!


Every year in conjunction with the Highland HS FFA, & Bannock County Farm Bureau, we invite EVERY fourth grader in the Pocatello area to come out and learn about the farm during our AG days program. (That's over 1,000 students)

After a full day learning about Farm Safety, ATV Safety, Soil & Water Conservation, Horticulture, Bee keeping, Agriculture, Power, and much more--even trying their hand at roping! Each child goes home with a bag full of free Red Potatoes that they picked out of the field themselves.

Sweet Corn Donations! in 2011 we had such a bumper crop of yummy sweet corn, that we decided to share the bounty.

We donated over 18,000 pounds of sweet corn to the Food Bank (big thanks to the volunteers who helped pick it with us!)

We've also donated:

20 Dozen to the Veteran's Home

Over 100 dozen to ICAN

50 dozen to ShoBan Community Access Program

15 Dozen to Aid for Friends

...And more every week.

Ag in the Classroom, Farm to School, Ag Days
Thousands of 4th graders have gathered our red spuds out of the field to take home.

Harvest for All Fall Can Drive.

Using the Young Farmer and Rancher program from Farm Bureau, we've hosted a can drive each Fall for 3 years which has raised around 2,000 pounds of canned goods for the local Food Bank/Salvation Army. 


2010 Food Drive Totals: You donated over 860lbs of food that was picked up the the Pocatello Food Bank at the end of October. THANK YOU for making a difference!