What are you feeding your family?
Swore Farms Cucumbers
Do you know where it comes from and what goes into it? Be a Localvore and feed your family the very best, healthiest, freshest food available with food grown right here in Pocatello.

Why eat local?

Imagine getting nutrient rich vegetables and other produce the very same day they are picked. You'll know where your food comes from and exactly what goes into it. You'll eat healthy, live healthy, and support your local family farm. We grow food for Your family and Ours!

Pocatello CSA
Pocatello CSA, Pocatello Farm, Pocatello Local food! 

SPACE IS LIMITED. Check back in March to reserve your spot. 

Growing food for our family and yours!




Swore Farms CSA

Pocatello, Idaho

Feed your family a fresh local food every week

for the entire harvest!

See actual photos of last year's baskets on our 

Swore Farms CSA Facebook Page for current pictures.

You have the opportunity to buy “shares” and become members of Swore Farms CSA. Each member receives a box of fresh produce every week during the harvest season (18-19 weeks). Member have the option of splitting shares with friends.


What will be in my box?

We are planting specifically for your boxes. Early in the year there will be more greens and early crops like peas, and as the season progresses, more variety will be added as it ripens. Our goal is to give you the widest variety of fresh goodies possible.

A partial list of what we are planting:


Peas (regular, sugar snap & snow)






Onions (green, sweet, red, yellow & white)

Green beans

Cucumbers (pickling, slicing, & palace king)

Carrots (regular & multi colors)

Tomatoes (Heirloom, Roma, Cherry, Pear, slicers)

Egg plant



Winter squash (Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Hubbard, etc)

Zucchini (green and yellow)


Banana Squash

Spaghetti Squash

Pumpkins (every shape and size)

Red Potatoes



* Yummy Recipes --especially for unusual produce.
* Discounts for bulk purchases (for canning corn, tomatoes, and other produce)

* U-pick Corn stalks for Fall decorating.

* An exclusive invitation to our Spring Farm Field Trip! Tour the farm and see where your food is growing. We would love to meet you and your family and show you how our family farm runs. We'll have goodies!

*An exclusive family pass to our Member Only Fall Festival which will include wagon rides, goodies, corn maze passes, face painting, games and more (we plan to make this an awesome experience for your family).



Some years we have strawberries, apples, plumbs and other goodies for our members, but it depends on the year. We cannot control the availability of fruit. So cross your fingers and maybe we'll get lucky again!


How does Swore Farms grow my food?- We are a minimalist farm. Many of our crops are grown organically and our main fertilizer is an organic solution made from fish poo and worm castings. We eat the same food you do, so we want it as safe and healthy as possible. We rotate crops to help reduce pests and weeds and rely heavily on good old hard work to hoe out the rows.


What is the risk?

As a CSA member, you assume part of the risk that we as farmers face every year. For instance, it is possible that one or more of the crops we plant might have crop failure due to something outside of our control (Frost, hailstorm, plagues of locust, brimstone…) If a meteor or bug takes out a crop, then we will not include that crop in your boxes. However, if the harvest is lean but still there, we will fill all our CSA boxes FIRST before we take anything to market. Our CSA members will be our highest priority.


When and where do I pick up my box?

 Tuesdays 5:30-7:00pm at the farm garage where we always sell sweet corn in August-September. **Anyone showing up early will be drafted and put to work as a volunteer.**


What if I can’t pick up my box?

You need to make arrangements (either with a friend to pick up, or with us 24 hours in advance) prior to pick up time. IF you contact us and request it, we may be able hold your box for you for a maximum of 24 hours, but we may not have space to refrigerate it. On time pickups are always best! *All boxes not picked up within the allotted time will be donated to local families unless prior arrangements have been made. 


Why pay now instead of weekly?-- As a farm, we pay all planting costs up front in the spring every year. As CSA members, we PLANT for YOU! In this way, you pay for your own food to be planted, watered, weeded, and harvested. Anytime you want to see how your food is growing, call Wendy and stop on by. We’d love to show you around.


How much does it cost?

We have a limited number of Shares available and have created several options for you. (paypal, Venmo, credit card, EBT, cash, check...)

**ALL Shares can be split with a friend if you choose.**

1                   WORK SHARE- We are only offering 10 of these shares. Get your hands dirty and be a part of creating your food! You may choose either a FULL or HALF share and get a $75 DISCOUNT by adopting ONE row. In general, three to 4 times would be sufficient as long as you get the weeds when they are small. As you know, we are a small, family farm. The only way we can offer more CSA shares is if we have help from friends like you to take some of the weeding. Rows are long—up to 250 feet, but we rotatill as close to the plants as possible. You would only be responsible for the area around the plants themselves. Discount: -$75 off

[ If you fail to weed your row, you’ll get a reminder notice with a week time limit. If you still don’t weed, and we have to hire help, your card will be charged $25 for each month we must hire help for you.] 

2                   FULL- SWORE FARMS CSA SHARE –(Recommended for families) Every week during the harvest season, you’ll receive a FULL bushel of fresh produce grown just for you and packed with as much variety as possible. You’ll also enjoy bonuses like a members only family pass to our Spring Field Trip & Fall Festival, pumpkins, decorative corn stalks, recipes, and newsletters. Price: $475

*You can split a full share with a friend and save by alternating weeks.* (15 available)


3                   HALF- SWORE FARMS CSA SHARE – (12 available.)(Recommended for individuals) Every week during the harvest season, you’ll receive a HALF bushel of fresh produce grown just for you and packed with as much variety as possible. You’ll also enjoy bonuses like a members only family pass to our Spring Field Trip & Fall Festival, U-pick raspberries, pumpkins, decorative corn stalks, recipes, and newsletters. Price: $290

*Half shares have the option of A. getting a full bushel every other week, or B. getting half a bushel every week. 

PRINT OFF THE CONTRACT BELOW TO GET STARTED! You MUST fill out the contract application to become a share member. Shares go fast, so get yours in now!


We grow food for our family 
and yours!
Pocatello Local Food
Community Supported Agriculture
Pocatello CSA, North of Pocatello Farm, Pocatello Local Food. Pocatello CSA, Pocatello Farm, Pocatello Local Food.