About Us

Mike and Wendy Swore have owned the farm for over 20 years and have raised their 5 kids right here on the farm. 

A 3rd Generation farmer, Mike also works at Farm Bureau as a Computer Network Tech.

Wendy cares for the 5 children and runs the farm while Mike works in town. She also is an award-winning author. You can see some of her writing at www.wendyswore.com

The Swore kids, Ages 10-19, work on the farm every day along side their parents. They plant, weed, water, and do everything else with us. These are some hard working, amazing kids!

You are welcome to give us a call during DAYLIGHT hours. We look forward to hearing from you!


Give Us a Call!

Home: (208) 238-7466

Wendy's Cell: (208) 705-0991


Wendy's Email: mrs.farmgirl@gmail.com

Mike's Email: mike@sworefarms.com


Mailing Address:

Swore Farms
Mike & Wendy Swore
225 Ballard Rd

Pocatello, ID 83202

Mike's Parents, Jerry and Janiel Swore, are invaluable helps to us. Jerry can often be found doing jobs that Mike hasn't time for and Janiel throws her hat in weeding and helping with market. We are thankful for their help!

Swore Farms, Cat Lover, PAWS, Pocatello Corn Maze
We care for around 24 super tame and loved cats *all fixed!