One of our awesome customers, Todd. C., shared this great recipe with us on our Swore Farms facebook page. 

Todd says, "Hey Wendy. Got our first basket last night, love the spinach. I take bacon grease and chop up about 4-5 cloves of garlic and brown in the grease. Rinse the spinach in cold water TWICE, towel dry and stuff as much as you can into the pan, cover and let it wilt. Yummy and darn healthy!"

We browned the garlic on the griddle after cooking bacon, and then rinsed and dried a huge double handful of spinach before dropping it right on top of the garlic. As you can see, it takes up most of the center of the griddle. [NOTE: We decided this would have been easier for mixing if we had done it in a frying pan instead. We only used the griddle because it was already out. :) ]

We covered it with a lid and used a spatula to flip the spinach and the garlic around a bit. After a few minutes, the spinach wilted down and became covered in the garlic/bacon mixture.

Just for fun, we broke 2 pieces of bacon up into bits and sprinkled over the top. The final result is in the glass bowl. 

I thought it was pretty tasty, and Mike (the picky eater of the house) asked for seconds! How about that? This will become a regular side dish at our table. 

Thank you, Todd, for sharing!